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Time Warp VMC History

There had always been a group of vintage motorcycle folks in Knoxville, and some gathered on the old Thursday bike nights in the Old City when Biker Rags still had a location on Central.  Over beers and wings at the now defunct Spicy's, we talked about forming a vintage motorcycle club to give all the talented and interesting moto-characters in Knoxville a reason to gather.

Nothing organized really came of it, but the idea never really went away, and we'd discuss it at events like the swap meets at the (also defunct) Farmers Market.  Then one fall one day in 2002 Dan Moriarty opened the Time Warp Tea Room and encouraged us to park our old bikes on the sidewalk. Via (also defunct) Speedvision's Two- Wheeled-Tuesday, Tuesday evenings became the atypical motorcyclist's hangout, and the club was born at the big round table soon after.  

There were but a handful of members at first, but with the emphasis on a maximum of fun and a minimum of administrative burden, the TWVMC grew quickly, despite minor skirmishes over checking accounts, smoking at meetings, and skulls on t-shirts.  Some amazingly talented people call themselves Time Warpers, and help each other out with our old heaps, and have a great time along the way.  Happy Holler is home base, and we have chapters in Columbia, Tennessee, upstate New York and Boise, Idaho.

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