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About Our Club

The Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club is about as informal of a club as you can ask for.  We gather together every Tuesday night of the year at the Time Warp Tea Room starting about 6:00.  On the last Tuesday of the month, we have our "official" meeting, where we discuss upcoming rides, parties, and campouts.  Lifetime dues are $20, and membership affords members a discount at various shops around town and eligibility for monthly drawings and give-aways.  We currently have 184 members.  

If it isn't storming or snowing, most members ride their bikes year-around. This is because we believe that all bikes need to be ridden, not doomed to an existence of being hauled around on trailers or displayed like butterflies pinned to a wall (bikes would leave a stain). The bikes that show up on Tuesdays don't have to be old, as we welcome all motorcycle riders.  In fact, we often see some very odd vehicles outside the Tea Room door, which may not even qualify as being "motorcycles" at all!

The meetings are casual to a fault, but funnier than a lot of what goes for standup "comedy" these days.  We have a couple of parties a year, several ride-ins at local shops, an annual camp-out, and members travel en mass to Mid-Ohio for Vintage Motorcycle Days, Daytona, and Barber Motorsports Park for its vintage festival.

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